We all need a little break from our hectic 21st Century lives, don’t we? And while ruffling through the pages of a book, while sipping the bitter though sweet coffee, while, sitting near the windowpane, I read how beautiful the travelling is. And then suddenly, something struck the mind. Why not take a break and explore the place; the place known for its beauty, the place known for its pacifying scenes, the place better known as Melbourne.

But driving to such places won’t give my ‘break’ a mean. Right? Well, that is where Frankston Taxi Cab Service can come to help.

You just need to book our service and BINGO! Our driver would be right in front of your door to make your exploration a true adventure.

Here are some of the places in Melbourne which you can visit with our Frankston Taxi Cab Service to soothe your vacation.

  1.   Eureka Skydeck

Resting in 7 Riverside Quay, Southbank, Melbourne, and Melbourne’s Eureka Skydeck is the best starting point for any first time visitor to Melbourne. Give a treat to your eyes while the city dives to darkness and illuminates itself with million lights while you sit on the 88th floor of this building, ogling the scenic beauty.

To add the icing on the cake, our drivers would help you get familiar to the nooks and corners of the city with their picturesque knowledge about the place.
Feel like the emperor or the empress while you stand on the top of the tallest building of Southern Hemisphere.

  1.    St. Paul’s Cathedral

What good is your holiday if it doesn’t have something peaceful, something still, and something pacifying?

Witness the epic and spectacular example of Gothic Revival Style architecture in Melbourne’s St. Paul’s Cathedral on Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Constructed back in 1868 as a site of worship for members of the Catholic Archdiocese faith, this cathedral is enormous, well maintained and is brimming with a calm vibe which can even pacify the soul of a ripping monster. Describing it in words is merely impossible for the beauty it is needs to be feasted upon by scenic-lusty eyes.

And guess what, it is just a few blocks away from Melbourne’s Central Railway Station. Just book Frankston Taxi Cab and let our taxi drivers take you to your destination along with giving a basic information about the town to you.

  1.   Werribee Open Range Zoo

What holiday would it be if you do not appreciate the nature and its beings in it? The best place to appreciate the biodiversity is no doubt a zoo. A zoo, where no animal is in a cage, no breed is exploited, no mammal is traded and no life is in danger.

Talking about seeing these all characteristics in one, Werribee Open Range Zoo stands to be the best candidate. On the K Road, Melbourne, here is a zoo-based around the concept of emulating an authentic African Savannah.

Experience the special ‘Safari Tour’ through the habitats of rhinos, giraffes, zebras and other antelopes. Witness the pride of lions in their reigns, laugh with the entertaining tricks of monkeys, dive to the thoughts as deep as the habitats of crocodiles and alligators.
Share your happiness with these cage-less animals.

Situated in a 30-minute tour from South of Melbourne, give us a chance to make your 30 minutes remarkable with world class taxi services and comfortable rides.

  1.   The Dandenong Ranges

Taking the rest in the lap of nature is everyone’s need. Man is indeed connected strongly to nature. No matter how complex his life becomes when he comes to the lap of nature, he forgets all his worries and sorrows. Well, that is the calm magic which rests in the ranges of Dandenong.

Book with us and let our drivers make your 30-45 minutes ride smooth till you reach such a beautiful place.

The most acclaimed experiences within the Dandenong Ranges is the ‘Puffing Billy’ steam train ride that covers almost all the scenic beauties while providing a spectacular view of wilderness and wildlife including the kookaburras, bellbirds and more.

Do not forget Frankston Taxi Cab Service while you plan for a soothing visit to Dandenong Ranges.

  1.   William Ricketts Sanctuary

One of the most peaceful places on Mt Dandenong is the William Ricketts Sanctuary. Located along the Mt Dandenong tourist road, visitors over here witness the 90 different sculptures depicting the aboriginal people.

The sanctuary created by William Ricketts drives on his belief that everyone should respect the spirituality of nature and that is why the artwork in this sanctuary has been done accordingly to reflect his philosophies. This place lets one forget the rest of the world and bask in the glory.

  1.    Melbourne Zoo

Want to see the world’s fauna in a mere 4 km radius? Melbourne Zoo is the perfect place for you. Being a perfect example of world-class facilities and large monetary investment, this zoo stands to be the best place for animals for the enormous space and facilities provided to them.

Set within a comfortable and scenic garden setting, it provides a relaxing atmosphere along with a variety of landscapes. Release your stress amidst the wildlife and botanic environment.
Allow our skilled drivers to take you to the Elliot Eve, Parkville, Melbourne, where this zoo is situated so that the stress you relieve there is minus the stress of driving all the way there.

  1.  Melbourne Royal Botanic Gardens

Nature is the mood pacifier. What else would be better than a stroll amidst 50,000 plants? Lying over an area of 36 hectares, this scenic garden provides the best panoramic scene to soothe the eyes. No matter which time of year you visit, you’d witness thousands of plants which play their role in adding to the beauty of the garden.

Might it be a full day visit, or a visit for some hours, or a half hour stroll, you are sure to get out of this place with an improved mood. To add the icing on the cake, in summer evenings, it even offers an outdoor movie screening. Get to this scenic garden through our Frankston Taxi Service, which is sure to add the comforts to your journey.

  1.   National Gallery of Victoria

For the beholders of interest in culture and art, the National Gallery of Victoria is like a pilgrimage. Being the oldest art gallery having its origin in 1861, this pristine and beautiful example of human creativity is situated in the heart of Melbourne. Witness some of the best arts exploded out of the human creativity here at the National Gallery of Victoria, one of the best galleries of the world.

Not just the interiors, but the exteriors of the gallery truly justify the content inside.
Pay a visit to this wonderful gallery even if you have the slightest bend in the art. Your artistic instincts are going to tingle again here.

  1. The Shrine of Remembrance

Victoria’s largest war memorial, made in the name of all the martyrs of world war one and two is Melbourne’s most recognized landmark.

Holding over 120 ceremonies and commemorative services throughout the year, the shrine is the most active venue to pay the tribute to the heroes of the country.

The atmosphere and the shrine itself carry a peaceful vibe which eases up every mind.

  1. The Melbourne Cricket Ground

There would hardly be any Australian who hasn’t a sporting memory linked to this stadium. This outstanding stadium has been a host to numerous events. Enlisted among them are the 1956 Olympic Games, the first ever cricket Test match, the 2006 Commonwealth Games, the 1992 World Cup, and countless VFL and AFL Grand Finals.

It is not just a stadium, but also is a museum for the sports freaks as it is the holder of some of the unique tokens of remembrance of Australian sports history.

Driving to the places could be really frustrating. Neither you can enjoy on the way, nor can you live every moment.
Hand on the steering to the skilled drivers of Frankston Taxi Cab Service and live every inch of your vacation.

Contact us and we would not just provide you with the taxi service but be your local guides to sink you in the details of the towns.

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