How Frankston Cab Service Ensures Customer Security?

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Do you think would it be enough from the safety point of view to choose a destination, look out for good places, pack your bags and set out on a journey?

Well! The answer is definitely a big NO.

Travelling to a place whether local or in some other region calls for travel assistance. One surely needs to hire a taxi while travelling and this is where the issue of your safety crops up.

We, Frankston Taxi Cab Service, bring to you a blog to help you know how we ensure our customer’s security. Let’s get started.

Regular maintenance of the taxi

The topmost priority of our service is the proper and timely maintenance of the taxis. We would never like our taxis to stop midway and cause trouble for the clients.

Our taxis are sent for maintenance on a regular basis to check for any fault and also for the thorough cleaning to render clean taxi services to the clients. Lights, tyre pressure, brakes, oil levels and other such aspects are checked minutely.

By doing so, we ensure the safety of our customers and to protect them against facing any hassles while travelling with us. Choose Frankston Peninsula Taxis for a safe and hassle-free drive.

Verification of the drivers’ profile

Before hiring a person as a driver, we conduct a background check. The sole motive of doing so is to make sure that the person who is going to be behind our wheels has a clean history and background. Every driver working with us has been hired after complete scrutiny keeping in mind the various aspects.

We won’t let our customers face any unwanted incident, due to our negligence, which motivates us to perform a vigilant check while hiring. Ensure your safety with Frankston Peninsula Taxis.

Real-time tracking

Gone are the days when the riders had to wait for the taxi to come even during the odd hours of the day. We provide real-time tracking to our riders to assist them in keeping a track of the location of the taxi.

This saves one from any untoward incident or unnecessary waiting. Our taxis provide doorstep pickup and drop facility.

Real-time tracking helps us in ensuring whether we are able to fulfil our commitments or not. Save your time by hiring the services of Frankston Peninsula Taxis.

Strict abidance to road safety las

Keeping in mind that somebody must be waiting for you at home, our drivers always stick to the speed limit. They consider speed limits as to maximum and not a target for them to achieve.

They are always provided training on how to keep themselves as well as the passengers safe. The drivers take notice of the signs and bear in mind that a little patience can go a long way. Get ready to enjoy a smooth ride with Frankston Taxis Peninsula.

Promoting safety awareness among the passengers

It is definitely not enough to ensure one-sided safety. Being a responsible taxi service provider, we promote safety and make the passengers aware too.

Wearing a seatbelt provides protection to the passengers. Our taxi drivers always make sure that the passengers don’t forget to wear seatbelts once they get seated in the taxi. Keeping children properly seated and such responsible behaviour helps save many precious lives.

Trust only the most preferred taxi service provider, Frankston Peninsula Taxis.

Avoid distractions

The drivers are trained in such a way that they avoid all sorts of distractions while driving. They never take their eyes off the road to attend phone calls.

We, as the most trusted taxi service provider, also prefer to keep the music on low volume to soothe the mind and keep it focused. Any other factors that may distract the driver are completely avoided while driving. Hire us for the safest ride.

A word from Frankston Peninsula Taxis

We have been serving the region with amazing taxi services. Our fleet of taxis is always available to suit the needs of your travel.

‘Customer is king’ is what we believe in. And that is why we place your safety first.

We love to help our customers make memories and enjoy their ride while fulfilling their goals. Contact us today and book your ride.

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