Australia is the only Island-Continent of the world. In such a beautiful place, who doesn’t want their every day, each hour, and each moment to be perfect? If you are new to Melbourne, the heart of Australia, allow us to tell you that perfection prevails in the air. And to make your trip even more satisfying, you gotta follow some of the travel tips and tricks which might add up the gems to the ornated tour.


So, without wasting more time, let’s get to the treasured part of the blog!


The Travel Tips

Melbourne Travel Tips & Deals – Best Places, Highlights, Costs and Fun Facts2

In Melbourne, there is an eye feasting scenery at every step. And to cover a whole lot of picturesque destinations, you need to travel a lot. We prefer that you should grab one of those Myki Cards which you can subscribe or recharge according to your needs. This card is a perfect key to the local trams and buses.

You can get more information about the Myki Cards by logging on to


You can also enjoy the ride in the Free-Tram-Zone (35 City Circle), including the entire of CBD. And if you are lucky, you would find a guide on one of those trams who can introduce you to the wonders of Australia’s second largest city. To avoid the hassle, you can simply book a taxi with Frankston Peninsula Taxi and our skilled drivers shall be there for your service; as a driver, as a guide, as an acquaintance.

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Internet Accessibility

internet accessability, free wifi, Melbourne Travel Tips & Deals – Best Places, Highlights, Costs and Fun Facts

Melbourne has many active Free WiFi spots which might be a better place for internet lovers.

You can enjoy the free WiFi on the Federation Square. But it might not work when there are more people using it. But the connection is far better on the top of the square. You can also get access to free WiFi at the State Library of Victory, and guess what! You can get enriched with a wide variety of books of this magnificent library as well.

Know about this amazing library by logging on to

If you ever find yourself lost in the city, or are simply not getting where to go, just take your phone out and call us, we’ll help you at the best, with the best we have.



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Melbourne knows exactly how to be hospitable. People over here have a perfect way to your heart through your tummy. Craving for an Asian Cuisine? Let us take you to ChinaTown. Is your mouth watering for a real pizza? Allow us to drive you to Lygon Street. You can find a brimming list of restaurants serving some of the best cuisines in the world. You name it, we’ve got it! Let us take you to the place your taste buds crave for.

Some of the places in our ‘must-visit’ list are:

The Carlton: A classy, reputed and a cool place. They also have some cheap offers during the week. Visit their official website to know about their latest offers.


Lentil as Anything: A unique themed restaurant situated in St Kilda, where you can pay as much as you want after relishing their mouth watery dishes. Log on to their official website to know what good they can serve you.


Hungry Jacks: This is an interesting app which allows you to win free drinks or burgers! Yes! Free drinks or burgers. All you have to do is use this free app, shake it and stand in the probability to be declared as the lucky winner. If you do end up winning, do not forget saving the receipt. You can even use this as the ticket number to play pool on their website and again who knows, you hit the jackpot!


Allow us, the Frankston Peninsula Taxi to provide you with the best cab services to the places you crave for.




Outing - Melbourne Travel Tips & Deals – Best Places, Highlights, Costs and Fun Facts Melbourne Travel Tips & Deals – Best Places, Highlights, Costs and Fun Facts , internet accessability

Melbourne hasn’t left any reason for you to not enjoy the nightlife. The bars, rooftops, clubs, pubs; there is nothing which Melbourne has forgotten.

For girls, Spice Market is highly recommended for it is really very cheap on Thursday nights. Dive into the high vibe of music and decor of the club. Every Thursday night, you need to pay just $10 to enter into the club and girls get additional five tickets to free drinks if they arrive before 10 pm.

To all the retro music lovers, we know what is your taste. Find yourself in the gala moments of Perseverance, a club located in a Fitzroy.

In the list of the ‘Wow’ places, a drink at harbour during sunset is on the top.

There are dozens of places in Melbourne which offer a clock full of happy hours. So while you are around, don’t wait to call us and we shall take you to the voyage of enchanting scenic beauties.




Culture of Melbourne - Melbourne Travel Tips & Deals – Best Places, Highlights, Costs and Fun Facts

Trips in the City

Free Guided Trips:  Melbourne has many enchanting beauties. Every day at 10:30 am or 2:30 pm, gather near Sir Redmond Barry Statue opposite to the library, where a guide wearing a green shirt would be there to gift you a perfect and an informative stroll to the streets of Melbourne without charging even a penny.

Know more about this stroll by visiting

At the visitor centre, you can take the free guided tours with a guide for 4 people and visit whichever place you like. You just need to make the reservation a couple of days before and a guide shall be ready to give you a perfect stroll to the streets of Melbourne.


Australian Centre of Moving Images is located at Federation Square. It is a free museum having a playful, and interactive ambience.

The Ian Potter Centre is a free museum which chronicles the aboriginal culture through paintings and photographs.

There are more such museums which are the temples for history and art lovers. Book Frankston Peninsula Taxi online and we shall help you go various places of your interest in Melbourne.




Shopping Places in Melbourne - Melbourne Travel Tips & Deals – Best Places, Highlights, Costs and Fun Facts

Some of the markets of Melbourne are of high tourist attractions for they offer goods of varied quality and at affordable prices. Some of the most famous markets over here are Twilight Market in St Kilda, Queen Victoria Market and Abbotsford on Victoria St.




Australia is the land of scenic beauties. The wonders it has cant be strolled upon just on foot. Call us, Frankston Peninsula Taxi Service, the best cab service providers in Melbourne and allow us to introduce you to the Earth where beauty never dies and hungover eve never ends!

Let us help you make this trip worth remembering for ages.

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